Maintenance, Service, & Spa Covers

We repair and maintain almost all brands of spas 

We offer a monthly maintenance service which includes visiting your home once per month to clean your spa, cover, and filter. We balance the water, and every four months we drain and refill your spa. We also offer quarterly maintenance in which we drain and clean your spa 3 - 4 times per year depending on your usage. If your spa is in need of repair we can diagnose your problem, order the parts needed and get your spa back up and running.

Most Common Spa issues we address:

  • Not heating
  • Nothing on display
  • Pump not working
  • Leaking
  • Water cloudy
  • Jets not staying in

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Spa Cover

Time For a New Spa Cover?

If your spa cover is getting heavy it is time for a new spa cover. Waterlogged covers are inefficient. Shasta Spas & BBQs can replace your cover and start saving you money on your energy bills. We also offer cover lifters which are designed to assist in cover removal, and make opening and closing your spa easy!

Print out the cover order form and bring in or fax to us for a quote: