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"I purchased my first hot tub from Theo and Theresa for my home in Santa Rosa back in 2000 - and once again in Redding a few years back. I continue to utilize their service department for my monthly upkeep. Excellent quality, quick response  and exceptional service."  - Tess


"I did a TON of research before buying a hot tub/spa. They're pricey and I was totally ignorant. The more I researched, the more I learned that the quality/brand of the tub was a huge thing to pay attention to, as there is a ton of junk out there. So, I narrowed it down to 2 brands, one being Marquis and the other also represented here in Redding. I went to each store multiple times, essentially asking the questions I learned in online forums and such. Well, not only was Marquis the best choice for us, the family that owns and runs Shasta Spas & BBQ were wonderful; formal and professional yet friendly and really enjoyable to be with. We've now had our tub for just over a year, and the service and expertise, and even more the friendship, that comes from Shasta Spas is simply unparalleled. They are wonderful. I've needed a chemical before on a weekend and they met me at the store outside of business hours! I mean, they already had sold me the tub and they probably only made $5 on the chemicals. But they were awesome, and have been every time we've needed them. I wish Yelp had a "6 Star" option, even if you could only use it one time a year. I'd use my 2016 vote right here."  - Jared

I purchased an E4 Spa in September, we have been remodeling and I have misplaced the small manual that has basic trouble shooting, setup and maintenance issues in it. We lost power the other night and all of the settings were lost, now it is on Eco setting when we want to use it. Can you please email me another copy of this small binder walking me through all of the set up modes and how to do it. Thanks - Stacie W


We love our new hot tub. This is a family owned business that I found very knowledgeable and helpful. Theo and Theresa were easy to work with. They did what they said they were going to do. Above average service! - Phil C


Love this family's business, real people you can trust to get you in the right spa for you and your family! Thank you again for helping us find the best deal in town . I'm very impressed by their knowledge of their product they carry and they back what sell! You definitely will hear me telling all my friends and family to come see you! Thank you again! Carolyn S.


Love my new spa ! Definitely recommend this business yo all of my friends and family. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. The best part is they deliver it to you and help get it setup so there is no worries ! So glad I talked my wife into owning a new hot tub ! Dave S.


We recently got Marquis spa at a very good regular price. Theresa was friendly, informative, and accurate in her information from the moment we walked in the showroom to post-installation questions and advice. We used the electrician they recommended and the whole installation was quick and professional. After over a year of remodeling and landscaping, this was about the best service we have experienced. Greg W.


What great customer service. We had a issue with our new spa after a month and they had another brand new one to us and running without question. We didn't even have to be without for a day. Would definitely recommend the products they sell and especially their service. Jeremy W.



We purchased our spa in October and have been in it everyday since then. I am a marriage and family therapist and getting into the spa in the evening is such a great way to unwind after a busy day and reconnect with my husband. We have had great service and for anyone that is looking for a spa, this is the place to come. Spas help build strong marriages. lol. Vickie P.

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